At Bayou View Fitness, we have an excellent fitness program for women. With the full range of cardio equipment that women love, we have lots of treadmills, several kinds of ellipticals and stairsteppers, many types of stationary bikes, including our brand new virtual spin room. You can take a spin class anytime of the day or night; as we are open 24/7 for ours members. We have several spin classes you can choose from, or you can also tour Ireland, Southern California, North Carolina, or Hawaii any time of the day or night ~ all while your in our comfortable air-conditioned gym and safe from the outdoor elements.

We also have several personal trainers to choose from that specialize in women’s fitness needs. Whether you want a one-on-one trainer or to plan a group fitness routine with your girlfriends with one of our trainers, we can accommodate all of your training needs.

Offering every type of fitness equipment, you’ll be able to train at whatever level you desire. Bayou View Fitness not only has a large selection of STATE-OF-THE-ART RESISTANCE EQUIPMENT, we also have BENCH PRESS machine as well as many types of bench choices, SQUAT RACK, SMITH MACHINE, reverse leg press, leg extensions, and too many machines to name them all. We have the full line of DUMBBELLS from 2 pounds all the way to 120 pounds and the full range of KETTLE BELLS from 5 pounds to 40 pounds. We have all the different styles and weights for arm curls and many types of abdominal machines. We even have steps, mats, resistance bands, exercise ball, medicine ball, slam ball, bosu ball, ankle weights, and more.

And don’t forget CARDIO! We have lots of TREADMILLS, ELLIPTICALS, STATIONARY BIKES, CLIMB MILLS,  and the only INTERACTIVE FITNESS MACHINES around where you can take spin classes whatever time of the day or night you want.

With several of the best personal trainers in our region, we are sure to have the trainer that will fit your needs. Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or you are training for a fitness event or triathlon, we have the trainer for your need. Even if you have medical issues that require guidance from a professional trainer, we can assist you. Our trainers are well versed with rehabilitation and are completely certified.

Bayou View Fitness offers you the best equipment, the best atmosphere, and the best personal trainers of any gym on the MS Gulf Coast. From ages 12 to however old you may be, we can meet and help you exceed all of your fitness goals. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, there is nothing stopping you from getting your workout in any time you want.

If you like cardio, free weights, resistance training, spin classes, stretching, using a personal trainer, or any type of weight training you desire, we have it all for you here at Bayou View Fitness in Gulfport. Located on Cowan Rd. one block north of Pass Rd.

Call us today for your own personal tour at 228-896-0888.